The Issues

We firmly believe that each community member should educate themselves about issues that affect their present and future lives and about each political party's platform related to those issues. To that end, we have provided links to news articles, non-partisan websites, and the major political parties' platforms on the various issues that we are concerned about for our futures.

We chose to include the issues that follow because they impact our lives and are representative of daily conversations we have on campus, with our families, and with our community. They are also issues that not only impact us now, but will also impact our future and generations to come.

We hope that every person who visits our website will take the time to consider the issues and then find ways to get involved through civic engagement, volunteer opportunities, and educating others.

All Issue pages were designed and written by the Amplify! Student Leadership Team: Marco A, Emile C, Leo J, Lindsey M, Rachel N, Anna Y, Rakeem Y

The views and opinions expressed on this page are those of the Amplify! Student Leadership Team and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of NCSSM.

If you are interested in further research in policy, findings, and information, we encourage you to check out this UC: Berkeley resource or this Harvard Kennedy School resource about think tanks and evaluating resources and websites.