The 6 NC Amendments

We are concerned about these amendments because they can forever change the way the North Carolina government is structured. North Carolina will have six constitutional amendments appearing on the ballot this November. These amendments were written along party lines and approved with mostly Republican support. While supporters of the amendments argue that these are necessary additions to the NC Constitution, critics argue that the language of the amendments is purposefully misleading and that many of them damage the balance of power in our state government. Here is a quick summary of the amendments:

  • Protecting the right of people to fish and hunt with guns.
  • Establish more clear rights for victims
  • Remove the governor from the ethics and elections board, giving the power solely to the state legislature.
  • Allowing the state legislature, rather than the governor, to choose two possible candidates for state judges from which the governor will elect one.
  • Cap the corporate and personal income tax at 7%. Current rates are below this and are slated to fall further.
  • Require voters to present a photo ID before voting.

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